Parkwood is a manufacturer of entry doors in all materials: solid timber, fibreglass and powder coated aluminium. With over 20 years experience, Parkwood has built a reputation for high quality premium doors, shutters and louvres. Our expertise lies in creating or supplying the perfect door to give that all-important first impression – whether it comes from the existing range, or is custom built by our engineers to meet your needs.

Make first impressions count. Your front door is what visitors see first. It is where we greet our guests and where we are welcomed home in the evening. Custom-made entry doors mean you can set the stage for the rest of your home. Parkwood offer a range from colonial doors to contemporary doors in almost any size, shape style and colour.

As distributors, SAMMA has stocked a range of sample doors at our showroom in Nadi. These samples are full size doors to provide our customer with a first hand experience on the aesthetics of each type of door. We procure the doors from Parkwood NZ and provide complete installation services

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