Since the unveiling of the first B&D Roll-A-Door in Sydney in 1956, the B&D brand has grown to become an Australian icon that reflects engineering ingenuity and innovation. B&D revolutionary all-steel garage door made from pressed metal sheets that are rolled and unrolled as a continuous flexible curtain without cracking, B&D have continued to invest heavily in research and development. Through constantly delivering design and functionality improvements, B&D has been able to maintain its market leadership position for more than 50 years.

SAMMA has a special partnership arrangement with BnD to supply and service BnD products in South Pacific with back to back warranty. Our installation staff have been trained by BnD installers from Australia to install a range of doors, we have several installations under our belt to give you a smooth and trouble free installation.

We at SAMMA are in a unique position, proving you with a peace of mind with regards to warranty and on-going maintenance.

SAMMA Pty Ltd are committed to providing the Cyclone Rated range of Windlock Roller doors, Windlock Roller Shutter doors, WindPanel Panel Lift Doors and StormShield Panel lift doors for Commercial and Residential applications.

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